Squat pot 12cm - fits 100mm Orchid pot.

Squat pot 14cm - fits 110mm Squat pot.

Squat pot 16cm - fits 140mm Squat pot.

Cylinder pot 14cm - fits 120mm Squat pot & 125mm Squat pot.
Cylinder pot 16cm - fits 120mm Squat pot

Cylinder pot 20cm - fits 170mm Squat pot

Black cylinder pot 16cm - fits 110mm Squat pot

Black cylinder pot 20cm - fits 170mm Standard pot

Grey Wood look Square pot - fits 110mm Squat pot & 120mm Squat pot.

Painted Timber Square pot- fits 100mm Squat pot.


Please Note - No Drainage holes and patterns may vary.

Timber look Pots


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